Patient Testimonials

Testimonial: migraine and headache relief

Posted: April 30, 2017
By: LeeAnna Tatum

It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I was hit with the realization that daily headaches or even frequent headaches were not the norm. I don't remember a time without headaches, but by my 20s I also began experiencing migraines.

By the time I became a patient of Dr. Norburg's I had been experiencing migraines with greater frequency and intensity - at least once a week and lasting for 12 hours or more. They were debilitating and were not only effecting my quality of life, but also beginning to effect my ability to work.

In addition to migraines, I was also suffering from daily tension headaches and sinus headaches due to seasonal allergies. Needless to say, I was pretty miserable even though I had grown accustomed to chronic pain.

After reviewing my x-rays, Dr. Norburg sat down with me to discuss the results and an overview of a treatment plan. The x-rays indicated an old injury due to a traumatic event, but I could not place what that event could have been. It was not until I got home that I remembered I had been involved in a serious car accident when I was just an infant, but had supposedly come through unharmed.

I had, in fact, received injuries to my lower back and my neck, causing my head to sit at an angle.

Dr. Norburg even pointed out to me that my head was tilted to the right during our conversation (even in my driver's license photo). When I got home, I proceeded to look through photos from my childhood forward, and sure enough, in almost every photo my head was tilted to the right. 

I can honestly say that Dr. Norburg has helped me get my head on straight and it has truly been life-changing!

Since beginning my treatment with Dr. Norburg approximately one and a half years ago, I have been able to experience headache free days and even weeks for the first time in my life! I still have occasional migraines (usually triggered when I have gone too long between meals or have not had enough water and allowed myself to become dehydrated). The migraines I have had since beginning treatment have been nowhere near the intensity or duration of my earlier experiences. And my tension headaches have been almost nonexistent.